• Training and support

    We work with mathematics teachers across the grade and school spectrum to support them to implement effective research based pedagogies. We support teachers to create learning environments in which students experience mathematics as a meaningful, sense-making problem solving activity.

    Our teacher training and support covers a broad base of formats:

    • Workshops
    • Webinars
    • School-based teacher training and support
    • Client-based teacher training and support
  • Workshops and conferences


    From afternoon workshops, to extended courses that may or may not include in-class support, we tailor our training to the identified needs of teachers. We also host regular day-long workshops, and shorter webinar sessions, to the NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group in major centres across South Africa. A few of the more recent NumberSense workshop topics include:

    • Making the most of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme: Exploring different ways in which the workbooks can be used to support students in the effective development of mathematical skills, the relationship between the workbooks and the curriculum; developing an assessment programme using the workbooks; marking the workbooks and managing the load; supporting the development of age-appropriate calculation strategies.
    • Developing the fraction concept: Exploring the development of the fraction concept from the Foundation Phase to the Intermediate Phase – using the NumberSense Comprehensive Workbooks to investigate this trajectory.
    • Measurement, geometry and data handling: Exploring the development of these concepts from the Foundation Phase to the Intermediate Phase – using the NumberSense Comprehensive Workbooks to investigate this. In the panels below you will find some examples of clients and the training and support that we have conducted for them.


    The NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conferences are a gathering of NumberSense Programme users (teachers, parents and others) sharing experiences, networking and learning about product developments. The conference, hosted in an inspiring setting, will support users to maximise the potential of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme in their work. The conference is not limited to NumberSense Mathematics Programme users, but is open to all interested mathematics teachers.

    View the video from our 2019 Conference, or mail info@NumberSense.co.za for further detail.

    Events (Workshops & Conferences)
  • Webinars

    The webinar sessions are typically 2-hour online workshop sessions. Recordings of the the following webinar sessions are available:

    Understanding and using the NumberSense Mathematics Programme:
    The workshop is ideal for teachers from Grade R to 7 who are either new to or unfamiliar with the NumberSense Mathematics Programme.

    In this workshop we explore the development of the fraction concept in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme from Grade 2 to Grade 7.

    Pre-Algebra thinking (patterning):
    In this workshop we explore the role of patterning in developing number sense in particular, mathematical proficiency in general and pre-algebraic thinking and the development of pre-algebraic thinking (patterning) in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme from Grade 3 to Grade 7.

    Geometric thinking:
    In this workshop we explore the development of spatial reasoning (space and shape [geometry]) in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme from activities that begin with play in the early grades (R to 3) to increasing structured activities in the later grades (4 to 7).

    Events (Webinars)
  • School-based training and support

    The format of the school-based training and workshops can take different forms. We try hard to tailor the workshop to your needs. Typical formats include:

    • A full day workshop
    • Lesson demonstration/observation (morning) and workshop session (3hrs) (afternoon)
    • Workshop session (3hrs) (afternoon of day 1), lesson demonstration/observation (morning of day 2) and workshop session (3 hrs) (afternoon of day 2)

    We generally schedule a Foundation Phase day and an Intermediate Phase day depending on your needs. There is no limit to the number of people attending and you would be more than welcome to invite teachers from surrounding schools to attend as well.

    School-based training
  • Bespoke training solutions

    Selected bespoke training solutions for a range of clients:


    • Training of Mathematical Literacy Subject Advisors.
    • Training of NCV College lecturers – Mathematical Literacy.



    • Numerous teacher training workshops from GET to FET.
    • Frequent Subject Advisor training.



    • Foundation and Intermediate Phase Subject Advisor training.



    • Development and orientation training for the digital Grade 8 Diagnostic Assessment Tool to be used across High Schools in the Western Cape.
    • More than 30 four-week in-service training courses for FND, INT and SEN Phase teachers at the CTLI.
    • Extended workshop sessions in South Cape Karoo and EMDC South.
    • Regular afternoon/day-long workshops for EMDCs.



    • JUMPSTART: We support the JumpStart Foundation by offering ongoing training, materials and support to their teacher-development and internship programmes in the area of early grade mathematics teaching and learning.
    • SHIKAYA: Funded by Standard Bank the Grade one to four teachers in twelve schools (Western Cape and Eastern Cape) received weekly in-class coaching to support the implementation of differentiated instruction in foundational mathematics skills.
    • YEAR BEYOND AND AFTER SCHOOL GAME CHANGER PROGRAMMES (Western Cape Government): We provided early grade mathematics training and tutor-support in the after-school space, to facilitate teaching and learning.
    • BITOU 10 FOUNDATION: Conducted three years of in-class support to mathematics teachers at two schools.
    • COUNT/MTN: Supported their three year MTN funded project across South Africa.
    • ENLIGHTEN TRUST: Conducted a three year classroom-based teacher development programme.