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    In the area of materials development we focus on developing learning, teaching and assessment resources.

    One of the most significant materials development activities that we are involved with on an ongoing basis is the development of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme. The NumberSense Mathematics Programme has been created to support children’s development of a robust sense of number and deep understanding of mathematics. The programme is responsive to the developmental needs of children, is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution for Grades R to 7.


    • NumberSense Mathematics Programme
    • MathsSense Mathematics Programme
    • GeoGenius

    In addition to the NumberSense Mathematics Programme, and other B&A brands, we have been developing learning, teaching and assessment resources for a range of satisfied clients since 2003. A selected list of clients and projects is described below.

    B&A Materials (brands)
  • National Numeracy Programme (Malawi)

    The National Numeracy Programme (NNP) is a Government of Malawi programme, led by the Ministry of Education and funded by UK aid from the UK government. The NNP aims to improve learning outcomes in mathematics by strengthening foundational skills in mathematics and will be rolled out during 2021-2023.

    The programme is a response to a scoping study led by Aarnout Brombacher in 2018. The scoping study found that the Malawian mathematics environment is characterised by limited and limiting expectations of learners and that the focus of teaching is on form (rote procedures and knowing) over substance (knowing with understanding, application and reasoning). The full scoping study can be downloaded here: Scoping Study

    Against the background of the findings of the scoping study, the focus of the NNP is on developing a vision for what it means to teach and learn mathematics in Malawi and to develop teaching and learning materials as well as a teacher training programme. The materials and training approach were piloted in 200 schools during the 2022 school year and were then refined based on the learnings from the pilot activity before the programme was scaled to all 5 700 primary schools in Malawi.

    Aarnout Brombacher was the Technical Principal of the NNP and was responsible for leading the visioning, materials development and teacher training programme development as well as overseeing the pilot and scale-up activities. Aarnout’s leadership and passion for the improvement of learning opportunities and outcomes at classroom level, as well as the engagement and commitment of the writing team and teaching community are paving the way for materials, and teaching and learning approaches that promote a culture of mathematics that focuses on developing mathematics knowledge with understanding that can be applied in unfamiliar situations with reasoning.

    The materials developed over the duration of the project included: 

    Teaching and learning reference materials

    • Revised mathematics curriculum for Standards 1 to 4.
    • Revised syllabus documents for Standards 1 to 4.
    • Learner workbooks for Standards 1 to 4 (three workbooks per standard – one for each of the three Malawian school terms). The workbooks provide comprehensive curriculum coverage and include all of the curriculum topics: Number, Operations & Relationships; Pattern; Space & Shape; Measurement and Data Handling.
    • Teaching and Learning Circle (professional development and reflection) Activity Guide.
    • Lesson plan booklet.
    • Comprehensive Teacher Guide for Standards 1 to 4.

    Training and support materials 

    • Materials development and writing workshop materials (power point presentations, workshop handouts, workshop activities).
    • Facilitator Manuals (one for each of the three Malawian school terms).
    • Participant Workbooks (one for each of the three Malawian school terms).
    • Demonstration videos to support the implementation of the learner workbook pages (activities) for all of the curriculum topics: Number, Operations & Relationships; Pattern; Space & Shape; Measurement and Data Handling.



  • NumberSense Mobile App

    The NumberSense Workbooks are available for both Android and iOS devices (for Workbooks 2-12). Given the nature and design of the App, it is recommended that it is used on a tablet with a 7 inch (or larger) screen. At this stage Workbooks 2-12 are available for purchase by individuals and schools. Without losing any of the rich pedagogical approaches that underpin the success of the paper version, the mobile version provides a range of additional benefits:

    • Marking is automatic, providing children with instant feedback.
    • Teachers and parents receive instantly accessible reports on the progress of children.
    • Detailed (curriculum-linked) feedback and analysis allow for remediation as and where required.
    Mobile App
  • Learning Channel

    Learning Channel / Sunday Times:

    • Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy exemplar papers – 2011, 2010, 2008

    Learning Channel:

    • Mathematical Literacy TV, DVD & workbook series – Gr 10, 11 and 12
    • Mathematics DVD & workbook series – Gr 8 and 9

    Please mail info@Brombacher.co.za for further detail on these materials.

  • Mindset Learn

    Topic series on:

    • Calculus
    • Sequences & Series
    • Functions
    • Linear Programming

    Please mail info@Brombacher.co.za for further detail on these materials.

  • National Access Consortium
    • Mathematical Literacy resource files for FET College Lecturers for NQF based qualifications in Hairdressing, Business Administration, Early Childhood Development and Hospitality.

    Please mail info@Brombacher.co.za for further detail on these materials.

  • Department of Education

    Old Mutual / National Department of Education:

    • Booklet of exemplar papers in Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

    National Department of Education:

    • Numeracy Handbook for Foundation Phase Numeracy teachers
    • Mathematical Literacy Teacher Guide
    • Basic skills for Mathematical Literacy materials

    Western Cape Education Department Education:

    • Foundation Phase Numeracy Assessment Exemplar
    • Intermediate Phase Numeracy Assessment Exemplar
    • Senior Phase Mathematics Assessment Exemplar
    • Mathematical Literacy Assessment Exemplar

    Please mail info@Brombacher.co.za for further detail on these materials.

    Maths & Maths Lit exemplars