About the Company

Brombacher & Associates is a consultancy in the field of mathematics education, founded in 2003 by Aarnout Brombacher, a mathematics teacher and leader in the South African mathematics education community. The work of Brombacher & Associates work is focused in three main areas: teacher training, materials development and research.

Our clients include trusts and foundations; public and private schools; a range of provincial education departments as well as the national education department; listed companies; international organisations and private individuals.

About Aarnout Brombacher

Aarnout Brombacher is the founder and head of Brombacher & Associates, and was the former head of the Mathematics Department at Westerford High School and a Past-President of AMESA. In 1996 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and read for a Masters degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia in the USA.


About our Product Range

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